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Updated Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Virtual Classes from Pacific Ballroom Dance

Dear Dancin' Friends,

I have a four-pronged business:
I DJ for dances, I teach dances, I put on dances, and I advertise dances. It's all dance-dependent. But lately, the tines of my fork have been breaking off.

Many people think that my main work is DJing. Even five years ago that was true, but gradually the main work I do for a living has shifted to advertising. For many years I advertised social dances in the Dance Calendar for free. Some advertisers were shocked when I started charging (about $2 per event) over ten years ago. The listings dropped from about 140 events to about 30 events. But over the years most of my advertisers came back ... just prior to the pandemic there were 99 dances in the dance calendar.

This week is supposedly the "long email week" which used to contain about a dozen Headliner Ads (such as the single ad you see below) plus a Dance Calendar listing social dances that my 3500+ readers could attend. I always figured that if someday I could no longer DJ (or teach dancing, or put on my own dances) that I would be able to produce income by advertising dances. Now, like so many others in dance-dependent businesses, I find the future uncertain ... but I'm not giving up!

Ron Bolin

EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY at 7:00 PM. Great News: Adult Virtual Classes will continue through the summer! Register for our July classes with ALEX OLIVARES this week so you are ready to dance all month! These classes can accommodate both beginner and intermediate dancers.

July 8 & 10
American Foxtrot & Bolero
July 15 & 17
East Coast Swing, Mambo & Salsa
July 22 & 24
East Coast Swing, Mambo & Salsa
July 29 & 31
Tango & Samba

• Livestream classes via ZOOM to allow you to interact with the instructor.
• An email will be sent to you with a link to our BAND Adult Class Community. ZOOM links will be provided on BAND.
• All PBD Virtual Adult Class Content is accessed through the BAND Community link for PC, Mac, or other mobile device.

Cost: Take two virtual classes per week + get online content for just $50 per month.
For More Info: Call 253-939-6524, email, or visit

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Ron Bolin